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Akron OH Patio Perfection!

Our hardscape designs bring beauty and function to your Akron-area outdoor living space. Whether you are considering a custom hardscape to work in unison with a deck or porch as part of an outdoor living combination, or only a paver patio, we can bring your ideal structure(s) to life.

With so many materials available for your Akron patio it can be overwhelming to nail down your material selection. Not only are today’s pavers beyond basis brick colors and rectangular shapes, the stone options are seemingly endless. But if you’re not sure if you’d like pavers or stone, you might want to consider whether you’re looking for a consistent and organized pattern that’s very pleasing to the organized mind and logical eye, or something more random and eclectic that’s more pleasing to the rustic or artistic eye. Pavers are now made in just about any earth-toned hue you can imagine. They also come in many sizes and with a multitude of textures. Lean on Archadeck of Akron to help you decide. We can guide you through the color family and to the shape/size and finally the layout decision for your particular project.

We are known for the artistry and function we pour into each of our patio and hardscape designs. In Northern Ohio, pavers are the most popular choice for homeowners considering a new patio or hardscape. Unilock pavers, in particular, are a favorite because of their quality, beauty and the variety of pavers styles and colors they offer, and let’s not forget how they have the perfect paver to fit any project budget.

Endless Design Possibilities

Unilock’s versatile palette of colors, textures and European-inspired styles help to create the ultimate custom outdoor living space. Unilock Select pavers lead the industry with proprietary technologies, ensuring that your paver and wall projects will provide many years of enjoyment. With a variety of textures, Unilock delivers pavers ranging from 2 to as much as 4 times the strength of concrete. This means you can mix and match products to create your own design while having the peace of mind that Unilock Select pavers will last a lifetime.

Looking for a Patio Builder Near Me?


A great patio is a perfect foundation for years of outdoor enjoyment. From family dinners to neighborhood get-togethers, your patio can be the setting for good times with good friends. When you search for “patios near me,” looking for a reliable patio contractor in the Akron area, your search should lead you to Archadeck of Akron. While you already know us as the area’s premier designer and builder of high-quality decks, porches and 3-season rooms, we’re all that and much more. We also specialize in custom patios and hardscapes. If you didn’t know that about us, then let’s get acquainted!

Contact Archadeck of Akron today to schedule your patio or hardscape design consultation. The call and the consultation are free, but the benefits you will get from your new patio or hardscape are priceless! You can reach us at 330-754-1044 or email us.

An Akron Patio as Part of an Outdoor Living Combination!


A patio provides the setting for a variety of fun and relaxing outdoor activities, but sometimes a patio alone just isn’t enough. Many homeowners find there are times when they wish they had a patio and a deck combination. Some homeowners realize they want the best of all worlds—combining a deck, porch and patio. Others believe that if you’re going to combine outdoor living structures, you can’t leave out a fire feature! A custom Akron patio or hardscape makes the perfect accompaniment to a deck, porch or other outdoor living space structure.

An Akron Patio is Low-Maintenance!

Low-maintenance is defined as requiring little work to keep in good condition. When most homeowners think about adding a low-maintenance outdoor living space, they often automatically imagine a composite or PVC deck. However, many of our Archadeck of Akron clients are pleasantly surprised when they learn a patio addition adds durability and stability to their outdoor living space with very little maintenance. In fact, more than 200 million square feet of pavers have been installed throughout North America.

— Expansive deck with pergola and paver patio

— Low maintenance deck and patio combination space

— Curvilinear cobblestone paver patio

— Screened porch, spa deck, patio and custom fire pit in the evening

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